This page lists major projects and customers (past or present) of SBC4D

MCC/PEPFAR Data Collaboratives for Local Impact project in Tanzania

Since March 2016, SBC4D is the co-founder and co-manager of the Open Data lab in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, in collaboration with hte University of Dar Es Salaam, the Open Data Institute and IntraHealth International. SBC4D is in charge of the project management as well as managing the lab locally with one of its staff being the Executive Director of the lab in Dar.

SBC4D is also partner and technical advisor in the Data Zetu project, led by Irex and that includes Sahara Sparks, Tanzania Bora Initiative and Code for Tanzania. Data Zetu works at the sub-national level and aims to empower communities to make better, more evidence-based decisions to improve their lives. Through partnerships and collaborations with local communities, Data Zetu works with stakeholders to build skills and develop digital and offline tools that make information accessible to everyone.

MTV Staying Alive Foundation

Since 2013, SBC4D is assisting MTV Staying Alive in the development of its multi-channel mobile service, attached to its Shuga campaign – a 360 degree user-focused behavior-change-focused campaign in Nigeria.

Nigeria National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA)

FRom 2013 to 2015, SBC4D is working with NACA and MTV Staying Alive on the development of an ICT-enabled public support helpline allowing any citizen of Nigeria to freely call, text or contact on the Web NACA to get supports on all matters related to HIV and AIDS.

International Trade Center

Since 2013, SBC4D staff is assisting the International Trade Center (ITC) in the deployment of mobile agriculture services in different regions of the World (Kenya, Liberia, Fiji, Carribean Islands).


Since March 2015, SBC4D is one of the co-directors of the USAID-funded TICmbay project in Senegal. The project is developed with Concern Universal, Practical Action, Aide au Développement Gembloux (ADG), and the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC). The aim of the project is to provide financially sustainable ICT-enabled services to complement other agricultural extension services, using a mix of ICT media approaches.

Mobile Money & Web Payments

Mobile Money and Web Payments is another area of expertise of SBC4D. We have completed few studies and workshops on mobile money in Africa for different customers (e.g. Orange, Comviva). SBC4D CEO was also assigned part-time to work with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to lead the Web Payments activity from December 2013 till February 2015.

World Wide Web Foundation

SBC4D senior staff, including our CEO, have been participating in the management and implementations of numerous projects of the World Wide Web Foundation since its launch. In particular, SBC4D CEO was contracted to act as Lead program Manager, from January 2009 till June 2013. He participated in the setup of the Web Foundation, and was in charge of the design, setup and staffing of the overall technical program that included 4 major areas:

  • Mobile Entrepreneurship:The Mobile Entrepreneurship Initiative (MEI) wants to contribute to the diffusion of innovation and the increase of contents and services – accessible through a range of web and mobile technologies – that can demonstrate a remarkable positive impact (economical, social) on the communities, ecosystems, and countries (where the industry is not driving this successfully). The initiative is currently presents in Ghana, Kenya and Senegal
  • Voice Browsing: The Voice Browsing Initiative aims to bring the benefits of the Web and the information society at large to people who are currently excluded from them because of their low reading skills or their low ICT proficiency. This initiative focuses on enabling a new channel and technology, Voice Browsing, that allows people to access and interact with Web content, services and application using their voice and basic mobile phones. Related projects are VBAT, VOICES, Foroba-Blon – citizen Journalism
  • Open Government Data:The Open Data Initiative is working toward a world where all producers of information of public interest, especially governments, make their data freely and openly available on the Web. This would allow information to be analyzed by any interested parties in innovative ways for the benefit of society as a whole. Projects include feasibility studies in Ghana and Chile, Implementation in Ghana, and Research Network building in the South
  • Web for Agriculture:Web for Agriculture Initiative aims to improve the lives of small holder farmers, through novel, Web-enabled information systems working across widely-available technologies. We aim to demonstrate that different ways of accessing the Web through different types of equipment (mobile phones, community radio, and computer) and connectivity can be combined to provide relevant and complementary solutions that fit the requirements of every class of actors in the small holder farmer value chain. Projects include VBAT, VOICES, and Regreening in Africa

SBC4D CEO also participated in the early days of the development of the Web Foundation’s Web Index and was member of the science council till end of 2012. The Web Index is a composite measure that would summarise in a single number the value derived by the Web and its impact on countries. Existing expert opinion and official data are used in the construction of the Index. We are also collecting new data on the countries included in the Index to improve understanding of the impact of the Web across several dimensions.

Other Projects

Apart from the assignments mentioned above, SBC4D has developed or is developing short-term research and feasibility studies for different customers including Orange, Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, or the World Bank. See our Publication page.