SBC4D has a wide variety of customers from commercial companies such as Orange or Mahindra Comviva, non-profit organizations such as MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, United Purpose, Practical Action, the Open Data Institute (ODI), The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) or the World Wide Web Foundation, Development agencies such as USAID, MCC or PEPFAR, Governments and governments’ agencies (e.g. Nigeria National Agency for the Control of Aids NACA, National IT Agency – Ghana, ASSI – Benin), European agencies (e.g. CTA) or International organizations such as UN agencies (ITC, UNDP, IFAD, FAO) or the World Bank.

From 2009 till July 2013, SBC4D Senior Staff, including its CEO, supported the World Wide Web Foundation. Our staff assigned to the Web Foundation led and/or participated in the majority of projects, providing technical support and development for all mobile and voice initiatives. As part of this assignment our staff led and completed projects for Web Foundation’s funders such as Al Jazeera, Omidyar Network, UNMC, Vodafone, EU, Rockefeller Foundation, or Hewlett Foundation.

We act also as advisors or consultants to several non-profit organizations, startups and corporations across South Asia and sub Saharan Africa engaged and interested in providing mobile, in particular (but not limited to) voice-based services to the underprivileged communities.

We have been leading conveners in the Mobile Web for Social Development.