Open Data, Data for Development & Data Science

SBC4D has been a pioneer in the development of Open Data, Open Government Data in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) and advocacy for data for decision making and data science for development. As early as 2010, SBC4D conducted one of the first Open Data Assessment in Ghana (Web Foundation) and Chile (Web Foundation). Since then, SBC4D has conducted this exercise in numerous countries such as Ethiopia (World Bank), Tanzania (ODI), Afghanistan (World Bank), Indonesia (Web Foundation), Mauritania (World Bank), Tunisia (World Bank), Morocco (World Bank), Benin (Gov. of Benin), Vietnam (World Bank) or Kosovo. We also conduct larger scope studies that are wider than just Open Data and cover assessments of national statistical systems. For example, we have conducted in 2020-2021 a detailmed analysis of Lesotho National Statistical system for the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC), to inform the design of their intervention.

Apart from these studies, SBC4D has a unique experience in the development of national open data policy and is supporting many government on that activity (Ethiopia, Tunisia, Ghana, Benin). We have also been involved in the development of many national Open Data initiative in e.g. Ghana (GODI-Ghana Open Data Initiative) or Tanzania (TODI) for various tasks from setup of a national initiative, to open data portal design (DKAN or CKAN for e.g. Ghana or Benin), to policy advice, to training of government officials on all data-related topics, technical (data wrangling, improving data quality, conducting data inventory,…) or non-technical (data classification, management, evaluation and anonymization of personal data…).

SBC4D has also a strong expertise and experience in the development of the civil society side of Open Data. One of our biggest projects in this area is the setup of the Open Data lab in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in collaboration with University of Dar Es Salam, ODI and IntraHealth International. This project is part of as part of the Data Collaboratives for Local Impact Initiative (DCLI), funded by PEPFAR and driven by MCC. In this project, SBC4D is the co-director of the project and the executive director of the lab in Dar. Watch the session at the International Open Data Conference (IODC) 2016 on Strengthening Data Ecosystems for greater development impact, led by SBC4D CEO.

SBC4D is also partner and technical advisor in the Data Zetu project, led by Irex and that includes Sahara Sparks, Tanzania Bora Initiative and Code for Tanzania. Data Zetu works at the sub-national level and aims to empower communities to make better, more evidence-based decisions to improve their lives. Through partnerships and collaborations with local communities, Data Zetu works with stakeholders to build skills and develop digital and offline tools that make information accessible to everyone.

SBC4D is also partner in the Des Chiffres et Des Jeunes (DCDJ) project, led by Development Gateway and that includes Fondation Performances SociƩtales and COSCI. DCDJ relies on young people as a lever for action and a factor of change through a Fellowship and job placement program, but also through a grants program aimed at improving practices, creating awareness and leveraging innovation on data.

SBC4D has a unique expertise in Open Linked Data, and has led in 2014 the re-development of the Land Portal as an open linked data portal.

Finally, SBC4D has also published various research and use-cases on Open Data such as: